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Protected Lifestyle Lebanon

1 application to meet essential protection needs, up to US$7.5 million in life cover and US$750,000 critical illness protection covering 12 core conditions makes for a smoother ride into the future for 1 happy client and his family.

Questions and Answers

We realise that time can be in short supply, especially when you're on the road conducting client meetings. So we have pulled together this list of frequently asked questions to help provide you with the answers you need as quickly as possible.

Payment methods

Q My client would like to pay their premiums by credit card. Are there any additional charges for paying by this method?

A No. Unlike some life companies who charge an additional 1% per each premium paid, we apply NO additional charges for paying by credit card.

Q What is the minimum limited premium term?

A The minimum term is 5 years.


Q How are benefits paid for?

A Benefits are paid for through the cancellation of units, and are taken on a monthly basis in advance.

Q What is the maximum level of life cover available?

A The maximum is USD7,500,000. Cover can be indexed above these initial maximums.

Q What is the maximum level of critical illness cover

A Total critical illness cover is limited to USD750,000. Cover can be indexed above these initial maximums.

Q Is there a maximum amount of total benefits?

A Yes. The value of all benefits cannot exceed USD7,500,000.

Online services

Q Is it possible to instruct fund switches online?

A Yes for advisers who have registered for our Online Service Centre and have the necessary dealing authority.