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Protected Lifestyle Lebanon

1 application to meet essential protection needs, up to US$7.5 million in life cover and US$750,000 critical illness protection covering 12 core conditions makes for a smoother ride into the future for 1 happy client and his family.

Delivering a better quality of life in the Lebanon

Protected Lifestyle Lebanon is as flexible as life itself: one-stop cover that can blend whole of life and term with critical illness, while carrying some valuable and relevant extras too. It’s also a living plan, arranged to take account of changing conditions. So once your clients are covered they can forget about their personal insurance needs, and concentrate on life itself.

Here are some of the main benefits you can mention to persuade suitable clients to invest in Protected Lifestyle Lebanon. We think you’ll agree it offers a level of value that will appeal in a country known for its business acumen.

A flexible way to pay...

Credit cards welcome – with no surcharge

Clients often prefer to pay their premiums by credit card, but understandably don’t want to pay extra credit card fees. With Protected Lifestyle Lebanon, that’s no problem – we welcome card payment, and we don’t add a penny in costs.

Limited payment term

Tell your clients they’ll receive their whole of life benefit, without having to pay premiums for the whole of their life. They choose the premium term, stop paying at their chosen age, and still have a fully funded policy in place – even if they live to 100 (or beyond).

Covering the bases...

Protection for the short and long-term

You can arrange term cover alongside whole of life for a specified period. This way, your clients can have additional cover during the anticipated term of a mortgage or loan, and still have a healthy lump sum for the family on death. And, of course, the combined premium can be significantly cheaper than a traditional whole of life, with premiums paid for life.

Critical illness cover

With just one premium, your clients can also benefit from critical illness cover.

Benefit increase option

You can set up the policy to offset the effects of future inflation – maintaining real protection levels.

Supported by extras...

Second generation family protection included

When your clients take out adult policies with critical illness cover, we can automatically cover up to three of their children to a maximum of 30% of their critical illness cover or USD 10,000 at no extra cost.

Passive war cover

Exclusive to Lebanese residents, the contract includes passive war cover on the whole of the benefits of the policy.