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Protected Lifestyle - Introduction

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IMPORTANT NOTE: On 21 September 2018, the remaining GBP and USD RL360 Capital Protected Funds will formally close.

We have written to invested policyholders informing them of the action we will be taking.

For more information about the closures please click here.

Protected Lifestyle policies were sold internationally by Scottish Life International Insurance Company Limited prior to 2009. Protected Lifestyle is now closed to new business.

Protected Lifestyle was predominantly a protection based policy, similar to our new business protection policy LifePlan. It provided various benefits such as life and critical illness cover, in return for regular premiums.

The available fund range originally consisted of our quarterly dealing, internal Capital Protected Funds, denominated in GBP, USD and EUR. A number of the funds were closed on 21 March 2014, closure of all the EUR denominated funds happened on 11 December 2015 and the remaining USD and GBP funds will close on 21 September 2018.

Available fund ranges

External funds

An external fund range was introduced in December 2014 and offers 50+ funds to choose from (100+ when you factor in alternative currency variants), all of which are from well known and highly regarded fund groups. These span various sectors and themes in a choice of GBP, USD and EUR denominations and are all daily priced allowing investors freedom to move between funds. Policyholders can invest in a mix of funds across any of the 3 currencies. There is a 2.5% bid offer spread applied on switches and new premium payments. Our Protection Fund Guide provides details of all the options available, including objectives and charges.

Internal portfolio funds

In September 2018 we will launch a range of internal portfolio funds. The range will consist of 16 options in a mix of USD and GBP currencies. The portfolios will be cautious, low volatility funds constructed with different levels of cash, bond and equity elements, and will be daily dealing with no bid offer spread on switches and premium payments.

Policyholders will be able to invest in a mixture of the external funds and the new internal portfolio funds. These funds will be available for investment from 21 September 2018. Our Protection fund guide will be updated in September to include more details about the new portfolios.