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Future investment value calculator

See how your client's money could grow under different circumstances. Enter a lump sum or a monthly amount into the calculator below and find out how much it might be worth in the future.

This calculator is purely for illustration purposes only and does not constitute advice or guarantee amounts.

Step 1. Choose a currency

Step 2. How much money does your client want to invest?

Step 3. If your client intends to save on a regular basis in addition to their lump sum, how much will they be saving monthly?

Step 4. For how many years does your client wish to invest?

Step 5. Please estimate the yearly growth you expect your clients investment to achieve.

Please note: This will depend on how your client’s money is invested and the growth it achieves after tax and product charges. The growth rate may vary during the period of investment, but for the purposes of this calculator we have assumed a constant rate throughout.


Complete all the steps and click calculate