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1 smart investment solution with access to 1,000s of funds, looked after in a place with 1,035 years of political stability could make for 1 happy client flying high at 24,000 feet and rising...

Quick facts

The sophisticated lump sum investment that fits easily into clients’ plans

High net worth international clients want an investment that can react quickly to changing market conditions, and their own lifestyles and relocations, without unnecessary restrictions. They also want smooth service. And a touch of class.

PIMS answers these criteria beautifully. It’s a portfolio bond with an average USD 300,000 premium, offering a choice between fully open and guided architecture, both fizzing with upmarket features. While catering for almost all attitudes to risk, it’s also fully compatible with most pension schemes. And, for extra sophistication, it can slip silkily into one of our carefully crafted trusts if required. PIMS also offers a smoothly flexible charging structure, and the ability to appoint a discretionary fund manager or an investment adviser.

When you recommend PIMS, you’re also travelling with the smart set. You have ongoing support from our technical team – giving you expert knowledge on any planning opportunities that may arise. But sometimes, you may just want to move quickly. That’s why we designed our secure online servicing so that you, or someone you approve, can self-manage in areas such as online dealing and setting up hierarchical multiple user accounts. In fact, everything about PIMS is beautifully constructed and easy to use.

With all these advantages, isn’t it time to sit back and relax with a PIMS?