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Whether your clients are looking to create wealth for retirement, children’s education, building a legacy or simply to become financially secure, saving regularly can help them realise their dream.

Here are some angles that can help you have a conversation with your clients.


After dedicating so much to your career, it’s important to have a retirement that works for you. Whether you prefer to explore the world or enjoy the comforts of home, a tailored savings plan gives you the freedom to choose. Calculate how much you should be saving for retirement with our retirement calculator.


An exceptional education is one of the greatest opportunities you can give your child, and is a valuable investment for their future. Try our education fee calculator is designed to estimate the future cost of school/university fee for your child.


From writing a novel to walking the Inca Trail or from buying a sports car or meeting the costs of your child’s wedding, everyone’s dreams are personal to them – and a personal savings plan is the best way to turn those dreams into reality.


Whether you dream of a second home for your retirement or helping your children make their first step on the property ladder, saving towards a property can benefit your loved ones for many generations. Creating and passing on our wealth efficiently to the next generation is something we all aspire to.

Saving regular amounts every month is a reassuring way to plan for the future. Whatever you’re saving for, you can structure your own plan to your individual aspirations and circumstances. We offer 2 regular saving solutions:


RL360 Quantum is a regular savings plan designed to be simple and accessible, while also offering potential for serious growth. It’s a straightforward but flexible guided architecture savings plan with access to a hand-picked but broad fund range. With entry from just $320 a month and flexibility to denominate their plan into 7 currencies, it really ticks all the boxes. Next, we make it an even easier sell by building in a generous bonus structure, beginning with a big boost right at the start.

If your client is resident in Malaysia, find out more about our Quantum Malaysia variant here.


RL360 Paragon is a regular premium savings and investment policy specifically designed for clients who naturally think ahead, and for whom long-term financial stability is a priority. It has a generous bonus structure, and extra allocations – with free fund switching to add vital investment flexibility. Paragon is designed to outperform the competition over the longer term as its rolling bonus structure rewards loyalty, making it well suited to more sophisticated investors, who are making plans 10 or more years ahead. It’s also suitable for expats who may return to the UK.

Download our regular savings brochure.