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Protected Lifestyle Lebanon

1 application to meet essential protection needs, up to US$7.5 million in life cover and US$750,000 critical illness protection covering 12 core conditions makes for a smoother ride into the future for 1 happy client and his family.

Life cover with extras, for clients in the Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the world’s most vibrant countries, a crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Arab world. In response, we created a product that combined protection and investment themes in a thoroughly cosmopolitan way.

Now tried and tested over many years, Protected Lifestyle Lebanon is easy to recommend because it provides one-stop cover, matching varying and changing financial needs in both family and business life. Whole of life can be boosted by term insurance and critical illness cover, at times when these are most useful to your client. That means extra reassurance, less selling to do on your part than for multiple products, and less paperwork for all concerned.

Why would your Lebanon-based clients settle for anything less?

Download the Protected Lifestyle Lebanon illustration system here