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RL360-sponsored athletes’ success at first post-lockdown event

RL360-sponsored athletes Erika Kelly and Ollie Lockley enjoyed some good results at their first opportunity to race since lockdown began back in March.

The pair raced over 5km at the National Sports Centre in the Isle of Man.


Long distance runner Ollie managed to take 34 seconds off his personal best to run 14 minutes 10 seconds, a new Isle of Man record.


‘With no specific 5km training, this is a pretty encouraging sign of where he’s at with strength and fitness,’ said Erika.


And race walker Erika also put in a very good performance herself.


‘After only being back in full training for the last few weeks (due to rehabbing from a knee surgery), this race was just a case of seeing where I was currently at,’ she explained. ‘It came as a big shock to therefore take 8 seconds off my previous 5km best to walk 23 minutes 35 seconds, which is a time that’s taken me to UK number 1 for 2020, and up to number 18 in the UK All-Time lists.’