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As an adviser you will benefit from our dashboard with early warning system so you can prevent problems before they arise.


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Your daily starting point

Our dashboard is your OSC homepage, this is where you'll find yourself after logging-in. From here you can navigate around your existing plans, find out where new applications are up to and if there are outstanding requirements, and you'll also be able to see if there are any potential issues relating to your plans.

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Early warnings


Credit card expiry

Undoubtedly many of your clients will prefer to pay their regular payments by credit card. Unfortunately card expiry dates can lead to missed payments and unnecessary administration. Our dashboard will flag-up any credit cards that are due to expire in the next 30 days, giving you the chance to speak to your client in advance and provide us with new details.


Upcoming payments

Some clients may prefer to pay larger regular payments on a Quarterly, Half-yearly or even Yearly basis. No problem. But sometimes it's easy to forget about them, especially if they aren't paid via an automated method like credit card. Our dashboard will let you know 30 days in advance of any upcoming, non-automated, payments due. Giving you plenty of time to remind your client.

Issue resolution


Credit card declines

Some things just can't be helped, and from time to time a payment made by credit card may be declined. Our dashboard will notify you as soon as we've made our collection attempts and something has gone wrong. This should allow you to help your client put things right as quickly as possible without any lasting impact on their plan.


Payment arrears

Despite our early warnings, there may be a time when a plan still manages to slip into a payment arrears position. Although these should be few and far between, you'll want to know about them, so we have a constant reminder on our dashboard to let you know which plan have fallen behind on their payments and the catch up payment we'll require to get things back on track.


One of the things you'll want to track on a regular basis is your ongoing applications. Our dashboard pipeline will show you exactly which applications you currently have ongoing and any outstanding requirements associated with them.

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And more...

From the dashboard you'll be able to view and sort all of your plans, see which plans have been issued recently, and reset locked accounts for any other user within your Master Account, depending on your own level of access.