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Bulk Service

Our bulk servicing options allow you to download PDFs for numerous plans, or package them up into single PDF.

Bulk service

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A little known gem

Part of our online service that is often overlooked is the Bulk Servicing function. This allows you to create groups of products, for example all of your PIMS plans or all of your policies for a particular client segment. Once you have created your groups, you can then download documents in bulk that are relevant only to the plans in your group. 


You can download PDF plan summaries, plan histories, valuations and snapshot valuations. You can incorporate multiple plans into one PDF or download a zip file containing separate PDF documents. In addition you can also download a limited amount of plan data to a CSV file - however we recommend signing-up for our data feed solution if you need substantial data downloads on a regular basis.






Bulk servicing training video

This video explains how to set-up and use the bulk servicing function.