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A fund range that keeps it real - to make a real difference

We recognise that choosing the right funds to meet your client’s protection needs can be a complex undertaking. Attempting to marry regular steady growth, with above inflation returns can be difficult to maintain over the long-term. Nobody likes to see their payments increase to cover less than adequate investment performance. That’s why we’ve compiled a range of investment funds that all fall within a specified volatility ratio. Peformance can never be guaranteed but at least with LifePlan you know it will be working with you to limit sharp performance fluctuations. 


In addition we provide reassurance by virtue that we regularly listen to adviser feedback, reviewing and updating the fund range in accordance with our rigorous governance process. And at the core of that process is transparency. We believe it is important that your clients know exactly how their funds are performing without any unnecessary disguise.


To make things clear...

We don't apply initial fund charges

With our institutional buying power, your client will benefit from zero charges on initial investment into any fund in the range and all subsequent investments. This extends further to any future switching and portfolio rebalancing.


We don't charge for switching

There are no charges for changing funds.


We don't charge custodian fees

There are no custodian fees to worry about with LifePlan.


We do provide currency options

Are you and your clients concerned about currency risk? We like to help wherever we can - so we add in as many currency variations as possible for each fund.


In short...

When choosing funds for LifePlan you are getting the ‘real thing’. Download the Protection Fund Guide here.