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Flexible but never over-complex

PIMS opens up almost unlimited possibilities for substantial lump sum investment, while minimising your administrative burden. It means the investment experience can run as smoothly as possible – for both you and your client. Here are the key advantages:


It's easy to get started...

Low starting payments

Your client can get started from just GBP 45,000 (or the currency equivalent) with the option to increase later.


Choose from seven different plan currencies

Your client can set up a plan in 1 of 7 currencies including Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), United States dollar (USD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian dollar (AUD), Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and Japanese Yen (JPY)


Burden reducing...

Choose capital redemption over life assurance

This means no lives assured on the plan which may be ideal for trusts or corporate entities that don't want their plan brought to an end after the untimely death of a life assured.


Simple cash management

The PIMS cash account(s) is where all transactions take place, from charges and withdrawals to asset purchases and sales, they'll all be accounted for in one place.


Portfolio consolidation

All assets are consolidated into a single valuation.



Pension schemes

PIMS can be used as the investment vehicle within most pension schemes, including SIPPS and QROPS - subject to trustee approval.


Estate planning

You can choose from an extensive range of trusts for clients looking for intergenerational planning opportunities - free of charge. You even have access to our dedicated technical support team who can guide you through some of the more complex solutions.


And is flexible throughout...

Adaptable and accessible

If your clients’ circumstances change, they can access their plan at any time through regular or one-off withdrawals. Please read the PIMS Product Guide for more information.


Non-income producing asset

As an offshore product, PIMS is classed as a non-income producing asset. This creates the potential for a multitude of planning opportunities – particularly for expat clients considering a return to the UK.


Online dealing

Your clients (or you, if an investment adviser) can benefit from our online dealing service. They can instruct changes day or night, when convenient for them. No more paper and faxes! Read more about online dealing here.


Information at your clients' fingertips

If they wish, your clients can view the progress of their PIMS plans online, simply and at no cost, just by activating their Online Service Centre account. 


For more information on our PIMS product, please refer to the PIMS Product Guide in the Literature downloads.