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Planning news and articles

All of our latest articles and planning news from the offshore world.

Technical Newsletter - March 2020

Technical Newsletter - March 2020 - Published: 31 Mar 2020

This month’s newsletter contains information regarding Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Spain, the UK and many more.

Technical Newsletter - February 2020

Technical Newsletter - February 2020 - Published: 27 Feb 2020

This month's subjects include Chile's tax reform bill, updates to Portugal's Golden Visa scheme, HMRC's proposed exemptions to the registration of express trusts and South Africa's expat tax.

Technical Newsletter - January 2020

Technical Newsletter - January 2020 - Published: 31 Jan 2020

Welcome to the first edition of our new technical newsletter. Packed full of the latest technical news from around the world, we hope you will find this useful and relevant when you are considering the planning needs of your clients.

Taxation of highly Personalised Portfolio Bonds (PPB) for UK residents

Taxation of highly Personalised Portfolio Bonds (PPB) for UK residents - Published: 06 Oct 2019

A Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB) is a life assurance or capital redemption plan that gives the investor freedom to invest in a wide range of assets beyond those described with the PPB legislation.

Offshore bonds for UK expatriates

Offshore bonds for UK expatriates - Published: 05 Oct 2019

With many expatriates earning salaries in tax free jurisdictions, offshore bonds can be an ideal investment for individuals looking to make the most of the financial planning and tax mitigation strategies they offer.

UK Inheritance Tax Planning Using Whole of Life Assurance

UK Inheritance Tax Planning Using Whole of Life Assurance - Published: 05 Oct 2019

Anyone who is UK domiciled or is deemed UK domiciled is subject to UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) on their worldwide assets.

Trust Planning - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Trust Planning - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Published: 03 Oct 2019

What is good about trusts, where things can go wrong and what happens where situations arise that were never considered or anticipated at the outset.

Tax planning for Non UK domiciled Individuals  (Non-Doms)

Tax planning for Non UK domiciled Individuals (Non-Doms) - Published: 08 May 2019

Offshore bonds may provide a solution for long term UK resident non doms who are currently paying, or who face paying, an annual Remittance Basis Charge. Read on to find out why.

Increase flexibility with our Capital Redemption Bond - Published: 01 Jul 2014

We have recently added a Capital Redemption variant to our Quantum, Oracle and PIMS products. Technical Manager Neil Chadwick explains how choosing a CRB can offer extra flexibility to your clients.

Changes to the taxation of UK residential properties - Published: 27 Jun 2013

For many years it has been commonplace for non-UK residents to hold UK residential property through corporate structures. The advantages of this type of planning are mitigated UK inheritance tax liabilities and, more importantly for some, confidentiality.