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Planning with PIMS

PIMS for wealth

Some clients will have a specific goal in mind when investing such as retirement or education funding, but for others the only reason they need is the raw desire to accumulate wealth. 


By offering virtually unlimited access to an entire universe of investment possibility, all neatly packaged up in one place, with offshore tax benefits and trust planning, PIMS could be the bedrock of your client's portfolio. 


With sensible entry payment amounts, it's simple to get your client's started, and they can always add to their PIMS plan at any time in the future when other speculations pay off.


PIMS for retirement

With a QROPS

QROPS are proving to be quite popular for many UK expats around the world, with many QROPS trustees using portfolio bonds as their underlying investment vehicle. A single wrapper which can house a diverse range of investments is just one reason - easing the administrative burden on the trustees. 


If your client has moved outside of the UK and is considering transferring a UK pension to a QROPS, then PIMS could serve as the trustees investment vehicle. This also has the potential to result in more favourable trustee fees for your client too. 


If your client and QROPS trustees choose to use PIMS for this purpose then, despite the trustee's being the plan owner, we can still provide your client with online access to view the performance of the plan - all subject to trustee approval.


Without a QROPS

Of course if your client is just someone who, having looked ahead, knows what they want and have decided they'd like to supplement their existing pension arrangements, PIMS can accomplish this just fine. 


For example, a client might want to retire or partially retire before existing pension payments begin, and may need to fill the income gap. Or they may want to start their retirement in style by taking the holiday of a lifetime, or buying a special place in the sun as a retirement gift to themselves. 


Unlike many pensions, PIMS is flexible: your clients can make withdrawals at any time and more importantly, there is no obligation to purchase an annuity.


PIMS in trust

Using PIMS in conjunction with a trust could really benefit your clients when structuring their financial affairs. From tax to succession planning, the perfect trust solution could be just a click away. 


We have a range of trusts which you can utilise with PIMS, including: 



For more information about each of the trusts and how they might work for your clients, simply click on the links above. For more general information about trusts start here.