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Planning with Oracle


Oracle for wealth

Some clients will have a specific goal in mind when investing such as retirement or education funding, but for others the only reason they need is the raw desire to accumulate wealth. 


By providing access to a comprehensive range of funds with the potential for enhanced allocation rates and annual bonuses, Oracle could be the linchpin of your client's portfolio. 


With low entry payments, it's simple to get your clients started, and thanks to even lower additional payment levels (just USD 3,500) future windfalls in the form of bonuses or proceeds from other investments can easily be injected into Oracle at any time.


Oracle for retirement

Oracle is the lump-sum investment for clients who aren’t retiring about retiring. People who, having looked ahead, know what they want and have decided they’d like to supplement their existing pension arrangements. 


For example, a client might want to retire or partially retire before existing pension payments begin, and may need to fill the income gap. Or they may want to start their retirement in style by taking the holiday of a lifetime, or buying a special place in the sun as a retirement gift to themselves. 


Unlike a pension, Oracle is flexible: your clients can make withdrawals at any time and more importantly, there is no obligation to purchase an annuity. 


Furthermore, just like PIMS, Oracle can be used as the investment vehicle within a QROPS (subject to trustee approval) which may suit your pension trustee clients.


Oracle for education

Confucius said that if you want to know where your riches are buried, look inside your children’s heads. Scholars assume he was talking about the value of education. We suspect he might also have had the cost in mind. Because, sadly, a good education can be eye-openingly expensive. 


Fortunately, you can now educate your clients about Oracle. Tell them about how its flexible structure offers them the potential to build their wealth whilst also being able to withdraw funds in a way that’s tailored to their personal circumstances. And better still there are no qualifying periods to worry about before your clients can take withdrawals. 


Here are some of the main costs your clients could have to meet. 


The early years 

School entrance fees; tuition fees; boarding fees (if applicable); further costs including uniforms and sports kit, transportation, trips, and other extracurricular (and often extraordinarily expensive) activities. 


The teenage years 

Naturally, as your clients’ children get bigger, so can their educational outgoings. Going to university usually involves a higher level of costs. Tuition fees and course costs; accommodation; transportation; living costs including clothing, meals and entertainment; and perhaps some rather adventurous gap year expenses.


Oracle in trust

Using Oracle in conjunction with a trust could really benefit your clients when structuring their financial affairs. From tax to succession planning, the perfect trust solution could be just a click away. 


We have a range of trusts which you can utilise with Oracle, including: 



For more information about each of the trusts and how they might work for your clients, simply click on the links above. For more general information about trusts start here.