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This page details some of the key features for an Oracle plan. Please read the Oracle Product Guide which can be found in our Oracle literature suite for more information.



  • Direct funds - no mirror funds
  • Access to over 350 funds from the leading fund managers
  • Benefits from a range of institutional discounts in place with a variety of fund managers
  • No dealing or custody charges
  • Appoint an Investment Adviser



  • Individuals over 18
  • Companies and Corporate Trustees
  • Lives assured maximum age 65*



  • Capital redemption or life assurance
  • Up to 100 segments
  • Choice of 7 plan currencies
  • Minimum USD 28,000 initial payment
  • Minimum USD 3,500 additional payment
  • Additional allocation based on payment amount
  • Up to 105% initial allocation as standard
  • Loyalty bonus of 0.5% applied annually after the 6th payment anniversary



  • Regular withdrawals
  • One-Off withdrawals
  • Segment cancellation



  • Plan information for clients and advisers
  • Dealing


The charging structure

There are a number of different ways to structure the charges associated with Oracle, you can select the way that suits your clients' circumstances best. It is possible to structure charges differently between the initial payment and additional payments your client's might pay, so they can always benefit from the most appropriate set of charges. 


There are two main elements to the charging structure: Establishment charge and Administration charge 


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Administration charge
  • 0.60% to 1.20% of plan value per year for the lifetime of the plan
Establishment charge
  • 0.00% to 7.50% of payment amount deducted over first 5 years
  • Charge reduces to 0% after end of year 5
  • Early exit charge applies if plan cancelled before end of year 5

Please remember to read the Oracle Product Guide which can be found in our Oracle literature suite for more information.