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Welcome to RL360's

dedicated financial adviser website

For financial advisers only

Not to be distributed to, or relied on by, retail clients

Contact Our Customer Service Team

Please choose from the various options below. If your query is a general customer services query, or does not fit in any of the options below, please contact our Customer Service Centre at

Customer Services Centre

+44 1624 681682 or

Email: csc@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • General policy information

If you have specific queries, please email the relevant department below:

New Business

Email: newbusiness@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • New applications
  • Additional investments on existing policies


Email: premiums@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • Regular premium payments

    (including receipts)

  • Credit and direct debit cards
  • Premium arrears reports
  • Renewal notices
  • Premium increases/decreases

Agency and Commissions

Email: commissions@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • Commission payments
  • Change of Agency details and amendments


Email: servicing@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • Maturities and surrenders
  • One-off and regular withdrawals
  • Returned payments


Email: alterations@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • Change of address
  • Change of investment adviser
  • Policy amendments
  • Document requests
  • Assignments
  • Nomination of beneficiaries


For dealing instructions (PIMS, Select and Choice):


For dealing queries:


For switching instructions (guided architecture products, the full list of products can be found on the switching instruction form):


For switch queries:


Contact for queries about:

  • Confirmation of receipt of instruction
  • Placement of deals
  • New fund set-ups
  • General dealing queries

Investment Accounts

Email: investment.accounts@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • Contract notes
  • General settlement information


Email: technical@rl360.com

Contact for queries about:

  • Tax planning
  • Trusts
  • Technical product issues

For sales queries, please click here.