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A lump sum investment plan that is flexible and adaptable enough to meet the needs of your clients.

Today's high net worth, internationally mobile client wants a lump sum investment that has the flexibility to react quickly to changing market conditions and/or changes to their location or lifestyle without unnecessary restrictions. They're also looking for a smooth and effective service that meets their expectations. 


PIMS offers a variety of charging structures and multiple investment options that will provide useful and adaptable financial solutions to the most discerning clients. 


Whether your clients want to appoint an Investment Adviser to take the burden out of asset selection, take advantage of the features offered by an Investment Platform or want to appoint a Discretionary Manager, PIMS can cater for this. 


PIMS is also fully compatible with most pension schemes and to aid future succession planning needs, it can be written into one of the trusts from the range provided by RL360. 


When you recommend PIMS to your clients, you'll have access to on-going support and knowledge from our technical team to allow you to make the most of any planning opportunities that may arise. 


You will also have access to the Online Service Centre where you can log in and monitor your client's plan from the very beginning. Sometimes, you'll just want to move quickly so if the plan appoints an Investment Adviser, they will be able to self-manage areas such as online dealing and other general plan maintenance. 


We've made PIMS flexible and adaptable so it's easy to use and with all of these advantages, your client should be set up to achieve their future financial goals whatever they may be.