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Online switching and dealing across all of your clients plans, both new and old, has arrived. It is the fastest, most reliable and secure method to change your clients asset mix. Once you have logged onto our Online Service Centre, performing trades is only a click or two away.


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Let's begin with a question. Can your current product provider offer you an online switching service for its guided-architecture range, coupled with an online dealing service for its open-architecture plans? RL360 can.


We've built these services to support not only the products we currently sell, but everything we've ever sold. So no matter what plan your client has, you'll be able to perform transactions online.


What can you expect from online dealing?

A full history of transactions across all the plans you have dealing rights for. Not just a history of your online trades. Your dealing home screen will give you an overview of all the transactions currently in progress, completed transactions and completed foreign exchanges (FXs). We'll also keep you updated on transaction progress with notifications to your online mailbox, and prompts to log in via your registered email address.


From your dealing home screen you will be able to select a plan and perform a number of different transaction types. Click on the transaction types below for more information.


1. Individual buying and selling of assets
2. FXs
3. Linked trades


What can you expect from online switching?

An easy 4 step process to help you rebalance existing holdings, switch holdings from one set of funds to another and redirect future regular payments. Naturally, in addition to this, you can view previous and ongoing switch instructions via the switch history page. And once again we'll keep you updated with notifications sent to your online mailbox.


How can you take advantage of these services?

Getting started will require you to fill in some forms. Yes we know, how boring, but don't worry we've put together our "Get started" page which makes it a doddle to work out what you need to sign.

Buy, sell & switch online

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This is just a short list of policies you might be familiar with, but you can buy, sell or switch assets held by any of our policies online.