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Some things operate more efficiently offshore

Making the best use of resources is the key to efficiency. That's why investing offshore has some powerful natural advantages.

As an international business based offshore on the Isle of Man, one of the perks of investing with us is greater scope for tax efficiency.


Growth in an offshore bond grows virtually tax free (aside from any withholding tax deducted at source on income from assets held in some countries) unlike comparable onshore bonds which are taxed on any growth. UK investors can also switch funds in an offshore bond without triggering a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability.


This means client’s can decide when they wish to pay tax, when they cash in or make withdrawals from their bond. Indeed, many clients defer taking withdrawals until retirement, when they no longer pay higher rate tax, or have moved to a country with lower taxes.


Structuring assets through an offshore bond held in trust can mitigate, or avoid altogether, taxes due when transferring wealth. And while we structure bonds as long term investments, an offshore bond also lets clients get hold of their money relatively easily if they need it.


Finally, the almost limitless offshore investment choice is comfortably greater when compared to onshore options, making it ideal for clients that require a broad investment choice.


Just a few reasons why investing offshore can put a little wind in your sails.