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Lump Sum Investments

Many of your clients will be fortunate enough to come into a relatively substantial sum of money at some point during their lives – whether it be an inheritance, profit from a sale of a property or a business, a tax-free sum from their pension or a bonus. So how can they put this money to good use?


Here are some angles that can help you have a conversation with your clients. 


Most of us looking for investment opportunities that are safe, tax efficient and capable of maximising returns.



A Bank Deposit may give you security and easy access to your money, but the downside is that with global interest rates at an all-time low, the opportunity for capital growth is not so appealing. In fact, many bank accounts are not even keeping up with inflation.



Investing your money gives you access to high performing funds, denominated in stable, leading currencies managed by some of the world’s leading fund management houses. You can choose investment options that fit your attitude to risk and reward. 


Investing over the medium to long term in assets such as equities gives your lump sum every opportunity to grow and to achieve your financial goals. If you would like to know how your client's money could grow under different circumstances enter a lump sum or a monthly amount into our future investment value calculator to get an estimate. 


And you can take comfort that when you invest into an RL360 plan, your money is safe and secure, protected by Isle of Man law. RL360 offers 2 lump sum investment plans:



RL360 Oracle is our lower lump sum investment plan, giving clients access to the world of serious multi-fund investment from just USD 28,000. At the same time, clients can have easy access to their money. Alongside prospects of growth delivered through a combination of leading fund managers, Oracle offers an attractive bonus structure throughout. This ranges from an initial extra allocation to an ongoing loyalty bonus.



RL360 PIMS is for high net worth individuals who want a plan that offers choice, flexibility and tax-efficiency. PIMS opens up almost unlimited possibilities for substantial lump sum investment, while minimising your administrative burden. It means the investment experience can run as smoothly as possible – for both you and your client. Investors can also put their plan into Trust to optimise succession planning. 


Download our lump sum investment brochure.