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Online Service Centre Training Videos

Online switching and dealing across all of your clients plans, both new and old, has arrived. It is the fastest, most reliable and secure method to change your clients asset mix. Once you have logged onto our Online Service Centre, performing trades is only a click or two away.


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Training videos

We've put together a range of training video's to guide you through the switching and dealing processes.

Online Switching

This video explains how to perform a single switch on a Quantum plan.

Introduction to Online Dealing

This video explains how to get started with our online dealing service.

Online Dealing - Individual Buys and Sells

This video explains how to start buying and selling individual assets held by a plan.

Online Dealing - FX Transactions

This video explains how to perform foreign exchange transactions.

Online Dealing - Linked trades

This video explains how to create a number of sales where you require the resulting proceeds to make onward purchases. The buys you instruct will be percentage led.

Please check back soon, as we'll be adding online dealing video's in the near future.