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Data feeds

Need to import policy data into your own CRM systems? Then our data feed solution may be able to assist.

Data feeds

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It's good to share

Whilst it's great to be able to access all your RL360 policy information securely via our site, we do realise that from time to time you may have reason to use products from another offshore provider and what you'd really like to do is use your own system to keep track of our policies and their's together.


Who can have it?

A data feed can be made available to an existing user of our online service at the request of the Master Account holder. Alternatively a web service solution can be set-up for a nominated individual who may not already be a user of our online service. The form opposite can be used to nominate a user who will receive the data feed files.


What format does it come in?

The data is available in XML or CSV formats. CSV is compatible with spreadsheet programs, whilst XML is generally used when importing data into another CRM system. Our data feed data dictionary (for the techies) explains the content of each file in the download, and how it is formatted.


How often can it be downloaded?

The data files can be provided on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. If a weekly frequency is chosen then you can select a specific day in the week to receive the data. For monthly frequencies you can choose a specific date. You can choose to receive a full history every time so effectively refreshing every policys full history every time. Or you can choose to receive incremental files which will only provide updated data since the last files received. Generally speaking, setting up regular incremental files is recommended, with a full history on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. A full history can be requested at any-time on an ad-hoc basis.