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10 years of RL360 dress down Fridays raises £50,000

A decade of RL360 dress down Fridays has raised £50,000 for charity.

Over the years, the money has been donated to a total of 99 different charities, 80% of which have been Isle of Man based. Staff nominate the charities to receive the funds, which is collected via a £2 per person monthly salary donation. As RL360 has grown over the last 10 years, the amount raised has steadily grown and has now reached more than £500 per month.


RL360’s dress down money co-ordinator Shahzadee Goolam Madaree said: “RL360 is hugely proud to have hit the £50,000 mark. This fantastic milestone has been achieved in addition to the support RL360 provides charities across the Isle of Man.


“The organisations we donate our dress down funds to are very close to the hearts of our staff, who have often had direct involvement with them or have benefited from their support in the past. It’s a great way of saying thank you and acknowledging the work they do.”


Although the large majority of charities supported are from the Isle of Man, we sometimes support international relief organisations providing help during disasters overseas. So, January’s dress down money will go to help with the fire disaster recovery efforts in Australia.