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Multi-thematic funds

BMO Responsible Global Equity

The objective is to provide long-term capital growth.

The Manager seeks to achieve this by investing mainly in global equities (ordinary shares in companies from anywhere in the world). The Manager invests only in assets which meet the fund's ethical screening criteria. The ethical screening applied to the fund means that a number of the largest companies are screened out on ethical grounds.

Investment is concentrated in companies in any market whose products and operations are considered to be making a positive contribution to society and seeks to avoid companies which, on balance, do particular harm (including those involved in the sale of armaments) or operate irresponsibly (for example with regard to the environment or human rights).

JPM Global Socially Responsible

To provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in companies, globally, that the Investment Manager believes to be socially responsible.

The manager uses negative screening to exclude specific companies. Companies from remaining sectors are assessed for certain corporate, social and environmental attributes prior to inclusion. At least 67% of assets invested in equities of socially responsible companies anywhere in the world. Socially responsible companies are expected to work towards high standards of corporate, social and environmental responsibility and environmental sustainability, develop positive relationships with their shareholders, and uphold and support universal human rights.


The fund's objective is to provide shareholders with investment growth in the long term.

In actively managing the fund's portfolio, the management team selects companies with a particular focus on their ability to comply with international standards for environmental, social and corporate governance, and to offer superior growth prospects and investment characteristics.

The fund mainly invests in equities of companies from anywhere in the world. Specifically, the fund invests at least 75% of total assets in equities and equity-related securities. The fund may use derivatives and other techniques for hedging (reducing risks), efficient portfolio management and to seek investment gains.

The fund may appeal to investors who:

• understand the risks of the fund and plan to invest for at least 5 years

• are looking for investment growth with a responsible investment approach

• are interested in exposure to global equity markets