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Our website was first launched in January 1998 and has been re-designed several times since then, most recently in December 2012.


When building our website, we are committed to making our site as inclusive as possible so that it can be used easily no matter what browser, device or assistive technology you are using to navigate our pages. Our website is built and maintained by our internal marketing services team.



Our research has shown that people visiting our website use a variety of different browsers and devices, so our site has been designed with this in mind. To keep the experience of using the website as positive as possible for all users we cannot support older versions of some browsers. For example, we only support IE9 and above. Visit whatbrowser.org to update your browser to the latest version.


If you are having any problems viewing the website or accessing the Online Service Centre, please email us at websupport@rl360.com or call +44 (0)1624 681685.



If you have any comments or issues about using our site, or ideas for improvements, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at marketing@rl360.com



We have made every effort to make our site accessible to all users. Find out more here.



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