RL360 Fund Centre gets an upgrade

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Fund Centre gets an upgrade

Weve added a range of great new features to our Fund Centre to enhance your experience when researching funds for your clients.


It is our fund research tool which can only be accessed through our password protected online services. The company behind it is Financial Express, who also run the fund research website Trustnet.


The Fund Centre gives you the ability to research funds specific to a RL360 product, or the general market place. There’s a variety of filters for narrowing fund searches to specific fund types and the ability to create lists of ‘favourite’ funds which can be recalled on a regular basis. You can download factsheets, create performance charts and review performance information. The Fund Centre is an ideal tool for looking up a fund’s current price and applicable fund charges, including the initial charge discounts we have negotiated.


What new functionality has been added in the latest release?

Portfolio Scan

Creates a professional–looking client-facing report which details how a portfolio of funds has performed. It provides an ‘x-ray’ of all funds selected for the report, summarising the top 10 holdings, and any cross-over in those holdings within the portfolio. It also provides a breakdown showing the portfolio’s exposure by asset, sector and region and various performance returns – cumulative, annualised and discrete.


Addition of Sedol, ISIN and Citicode identifiers to the main Fund Centre screen

Sedol, ISIN and Citicode (a Financial Express generated code) can now be seen on the main screen in the ‘Details’ tab. This is to help you to quickly identify the right share class of fund when looking at a large list.


Addition of ISIN and Citicode to factsheets

ISIN and Citicode will also be visible on the factsheets. Previously, you could only see Sedol codes.


Search for a fund by Sedol, ISIN or Citicode

Quickly find a fund if you know the identifier/fund code.


Fund Group now displayed on screen

Easily identify which fund group a fund belongs to. This is displayed in the ‘Details’ tab along with the Sedol, ISIN and Citicode.


Export data to CSV

Allows you to export a selection of data into a CSV file which can then be saved into Excel format.


Search by currency

Allows you to search for funds denominated in a specific currency.


Search by Income or Accumulation share class

Allows you to narrow down your fund search for all funds that are either income producing or accumulation.


More funds in each range

Thanks to a few changes we have made behind the scenes, we have enhanced the Fund Centre so it details every fund in our current guided architecture ranges.


User guide

To assist you, a User Guide has been produced, detailing how to get the best use out of the Fund Centre functionality.