RL360 Quantum currency rate alterations for 2015

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Quantum currency rate alterations for 2015

Due to market conditions we are updating the currency conversion rates on Quantum for 2015.

Currency conversion rates

The conversion rate from GBP to AUD and JPY will be changing. This means that the minimum premiums and all other related minimums will also change. As a consequence the minimum premium we will accept for a JPY denominated policy is increasing from JPY30,000 to JPY34,000 a month. All policy currencies are detailed in the table below:

Monthly premium amounts
(multiply by 3, 6, 12 for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly payments)

Policy currency
Min Premium 2015 360 300 240 200 2,500 34,000 320
Min Premium 2014 320 300 240 200 2,500 30,000 320

These minimums apply to new Quantum policies sold from January 2015 onwards. Currency conversion rates remain unchanged for policies sold prior to 2015.

Please make sure you read a copy of the Quantum Key Features, to familiarise yourself with all of the minimums that have changed.