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New Fund Links - Protected Lifestyle

We've just completed our latest fund review for Protected Lifestyle and here are the results!

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Why our RL360 Protected Lifestyle annual fund review is important

We recently introduced the external fund range for Protected Lifestyle as an alternative to our internally managed Capital Protected Funds (the original fund range for the product).

The offering consists of over 40 core funds managed by well known fund groups such as BlackRock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Schroders and UBS. All of the funds benefit from being daily priced and daily traded.

As part of our ongoing governance we conduct a fund review each year. It's a chance for us to listen to your feedback and ensure that the existing funds remain appropriate.

We've now completed this process and are pleased to announce the results for Protected Lifestyle.

Our pick of the crop

We've added 13 more core fund links

As Protected Lifestyle is a whole of life protection policy, fund volatility is a key consideration. Our aim is to populate the range with steadily performing funds that don't peak and trough excessively. In line with this we've introduced a selection of small-cap equity and ethical funds and these, along with other additions, enhance the range adding 3 new sectors and 3 new fund houses. These take the total number of core fund links to 53 (88 when all currency variants are taken into account).

Click here to see a summary of new fund additions.

Download the Investment Guide and bulletins opposite for full details including objectives, charges and past performance.

Welcome to the family

Click on each name below to reveal a little more about the new fund houses joining the range.

Kames Capital

Matthews Asia


Investment Guide

Fund performance bulletins