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Fund centre feed changes to Morningstar®

We've been redeveloping our fund research tools. A number of enhancements we've introduced means the underlying data for our Fund centres is now being supplied by well-known provider Morningstar®.

What's new?

New supplier, new functionality

The benefits of moving over to Morningstar introduces additional research functionality and added extras, including Morningstar's own 'Star' ratings and 'Analyst' ratings.


Goodbye old style Fund centre on OSC

At the end of January 2017 we said farewell to our old Financial Express, adviser-only Fund centre on the Online Service Centre (OSC) in favour of the more comprehensive Morningstar centres. Don't be sad, we think you will be impressed with the enhanced level of detail and user simplicity now offered with the new Fund centres.


Comprehensive coverage

We still have open access Fund centres for our guided-architecture products Quantum, Oracle, Paragon, LifePlan, Kudos, Preference and SPILA funds, but we're pleased we were able to extend this and introduce fund centres for Protected Lifestyle, Protected Lifestyle Lebanon, Prosper, PIMS Focused and our newly launched product Quantum Malaysia.


Introducing Fund centres for policyholders

The Morningstar Fund centres are not only available on our dedicated Adviser site, but at the end of January we also introduced them to our Public site for policyholders so they too can keep on top of fund performance, investigate and analyse new fund choices. Ideal if you are not doing this for them. You and your clients will also be able link through to them whenever you are logged in via the OSC.


The added extras

Each Fund centre allows you to see the full list of funds acceptable for each product, and the ability to filter by a specific fund name or ISIN, by currency or sector. You can also filter by the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) Risk Rating, where this is supplied. 


The added functionality also gives you: 


  • X-Ray - the ability to create a portfolio of up to 10 funds and analyse various aspects of the portfolio's composition as a whole
  • Fund Compare - the ability to select up to 5 funds and do a fund comparison side by side, viewing top 10 holdings, sector splits, performance and charging
  • Print your own fund performance bulletin at any time - up to date as at last close price
  • Create a graph of funds and extract their fund price history into excel
  • See what funds have had a good performance track record with Morningstar's quantitative 'Star' ratings (5 being highest rating) based on past-performance
  • Combine with the forward-looking, qualitative Morningstar "Analyst" ratings to tell you which funds Morningstar have investigated and believe have a strong management team in place to make the fund a success (Gold being highest rating)


Read more about "Morningstar's Two ratings for Assessing A Fund"


You can still view and print a RL360 fund factsheet, and you have the ability to view and print the fund managers own factsheet, KIID or prospectus document. You of course have charting functionality where you can include a number of funds and compare with various Morningstar sector categories, and then rebase to a currency of your choice. Unfortunately we can no longer service a fund centre for open-architecture products, but future developments will integrate some of the Morningstar functionality into policyholder screens on the Online Service Centre (such as Portfolio Scan) which will give you a detailed picture of your client's portfolio as a whole.