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Aberdeen Asset Management - Emerging markets: The risks have changed

In this changing world the emerging markets have also changed over the last 30 years. Aberdeen Asset Management believe its time to change perception about emerging markets.


Each day we are forced to consider the many risks we encounter just by living our lives. Wearing a seatbelt and putting away our phones can help protect us as we drive to work. Setting aside some savings may help us mitigate the risk of an emergency that might cost us more than we planned for. And don’t forget all of the fine print we read through as we make a major purchase, just so we are aware of the potential risks associated with this decision. 


But we must also recognise that risks can evolve over time. In the case of emerging markets, numerous changes have been made to how governments operate and how businesses are run. The result is a more modern – yet still dynamic – market that can offer plenty of attractive investment opportunities. 


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Aberdeen Asset Management

July 2017

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