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RL360 now accepts scanned documents

We are changing and simplifying our requirements on accepting scanned versions of documents for new business applications and most policy servicing tasks.

The change will save advisers and their clients’ time and money by eliminating the requirement for us to also receive original versions of these documents before we can action your applications and requests. 


Currently you send us emailed scanned application forms, servicing request forms and due diligence documents. We also required you to send us the original versions of these documents by courier or post. This requirement has been removed with immediate effect.


When can we accept scanned documents?

The new streamlined process is now available for all of the following new business and servicing tasks: 


  • Change of address
  • New business applications, including top ups (please note that where the premium or part-premium for a PIMS policy is comprised of a transfer of a client’s existing investments, we will require the original ‘Investment Transfer or Sale’ form to be sent to RL360)
  • Change of premium/term
  • Change of suitable certifier
  • Change of financial adviser
  • Change of investment adviser
  • Change of phone number
  • Change of bank details
  • Change of name
  • Client broker and online access form
  • Change of email address – although this only applies if we receive the instruction from the original email address. If the notification comes via a new email address we will require an original instruction.


We reserve the right to request originals for the above tasks in some circumstances – for example if the scanned document is not of a high enough quality for us to use.


When can we not accept scanned documents?

We will still require original documentation before we can action: 


  • Claims and reinstatements
  • Assignments
  • Regular withdrawal requests
  • Encashment (partial and full) requests


The change is designed to make life easier for our advisers and will allow us to build further on our commitment to providing the best possible service. Our service enhancements were recognised by independent actuaries AKG when they awarded RL360 their Five Star rating for service, the highest rating possible.