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Columbia Threadneedle - A rolling selection of articles related to the coronavirus

We feature a selection of articles produced by Columbia Threadneedle Investments. More articles are available on the Columbia Threadneedle Insights home page.



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Baby, it's hot outside - July 2020

Chris Wagstaff, Head of Pensions and Investment Education, provides insight into how asset owners and asset managers should be responding to climate change.


Asset Allocation Update: Clipping back risk appetite - July 2020

We all know – or rather, have heard of – Warren Buffet. One of his more famous mantras is: to get rich you need to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. Of course, this is much harder than it sounds, particularly over the long term. But it captures well how we have traversed asset markets in the short but tumultuous recent months, raising our appetite for risk near the March nadir, and then reversing back down to neutral at the end of June.


Are markets ahead of the economy, and should they be? - June 2020

The S&P 500 has rallied more than 35% off its March low. For some, considering the current economic data cataloguing the wreckage of the coronavirus-induced economic shutdown, the move appears to defy common sense. It has prompted many to ask whether financial markets are ahead of the economy, and whether they should be?


Stock markets: Looking ahead - 09/06/2020

What bear markets and bull rebounds can teach us about how the stock market works, and how we may navigate current and future market contractions.


Asset allocation update - 22/05/2020

Our thoughts on the world today. Global economic activity has suffered a “sudden stop” as authorities have sought to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus by shutting down economies.


Pharmaceutical companies in a golden age for drug discovery - 13/05/2020

As new technologies such as genomics spur development of innovative drugs, European pharmaceuticals companies stand out as high-quality, defensive growth stocks.


Europe’s manufacturers are in good shape for a downturn - 13/05/2020

After reorganising themselves over the past 10 years, many European manufacturers have more flexible business models with higher returns.


Why growth will trump value in the long grind of recovery - 09/04/2020

The swift and intense economic volatility caused by the Covid-19 crisis has left investors with something of a blind spot. Traditional business cycle analyses have no inputs for a global pandemic, making it hard to judge how to position portfolios for a market rebound.


10 factors that could change economies and markets forever - 06/04/2020

The Covid-19 crisis has challenged individuals, families, companies, governments and investment markets around the world. It is an experience that could fundamentally reshape consumer and corporate behaviour as well as financial markets. With that in mind, here are the 10 resulting trends to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis that Pauline Grange, Portfolio Manager, Global Equities at Columbia Threadneedle believes will change economies and markets forever.


Recession and the long road to recovery - 01/04/2020

The first official measures of the economic impact of coronavirus are being released, and it is now all but inevitable that we will see a deep contraction in economic activity in the US as a result of the shutdown implemented to contain the virus.


Tackling the 'unknown unknowns': How active managers manage unforseen risks - March 2020

Active managers are better positioned than passive managers to guard against and react to unforeseen risks, such as the Covid-19 crisis.



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