RL360's new online Oracle illustrations and top ups

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Our all new online Oracle illustrations and top up illustrations

We’ve launched a brand new online illustration and top up illustration system for Oracle so, for the first time, you can manage and maintain your new business leads in one secure location.

All of your potential client information can now be held in one convenient place on our Online Services Centre (OSC), making Oracle illustrations much quicker and easier to generate. 


This online system will offer additional functionality to that already available on the desktop version.


Online illustrations

You’ll be able to access your adviser specific log-in and then set up your own prospective clients on the system. You can prepare and then store illustrations. You’ll also be able to return to an unfinished illustration to complete it at a later date. Save time when recreating or refining existing illustrations by using the “Add Similar” function.


Online top up illustrations

Log into your client specific account on the OSC, select “illustrate increase” and you’ll be directed to the online illustration system, where you’ll find it pre-populated with all of your client’s existing plan details. 


To generate a top up illustration, you just need to add in the top up amount. You can also refine the commission levels, including initial commission sacrifice and output options.


How do I access this functionality?

You’ll need to be registered with our Online Service Centre to access it so, if you’re not already signed up, you can do it here


If you are already registered, illustrations will be immediately available to you under the Actions drop down on the OSC dashboard. 


If you have any questions, please let us know. If you need support setting up your OSC account, email websupport@rl360.com