Schroders - a selection of articles related to Covid-19

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Schroders - a selection of articles related to Covid-19

We feature a selection of articles produced by Schroders. More articles are available on Schroders' Insights home page.


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The uncomfortable truth about climate change and investment returns - 20/07/2020

Climate change will have a profound impact on investment returns over the next 30 years, though not all markets will be affected equally.


Infographic: a snapshot of the global economy in July 2020 - 17/07/2020

This month's infographic looks at how the slow exit from lockdown in the UK, the prospects for international travel, and what's been driving US shares.


Q&A: What impact is Covid-19 having on global cities? - 16/07/2020

As Covid-19 accelerates a number of trends, we spoke to fund manager Tom Walker to find out what impact these changes could have on global cities.


Why investing sustainably can get you better income and better outcomes - 15/07/2020

For those that remain sceptical, we show that an integrated ESG approach can improve income stability.


Infographic: Sustainability Report Q2 2020 - 14/07/2020

In this quarter's infographic we focus on what Covid-19 means for climate change and the impact of the pandemic on the food industry.


UK's green shoots of recovery sprout as lockdowns ease - 14/07/2020

The latest GDP estimate was disappointing, but UK growth is set to accelerate further as more firms open up for business.


What is the appeal of thematic investing? - 10/07/2020

David Docherty explains what thematic investing is and the growing appeal of this type of investing.


COVID-19 Adviser Survey – the three key takeaways - 08/07/2020

What’s the point of a survey? Do the findings pass the ‘so what’ test, providing insight that is genuinely newsworthy? Or do they simply reconfirm widely held views?


Build, build, build: the road to recovery and returns? - 07/07/2020

Infrastructure is in the spotlight as governments look to repair their economies after Covid-19. We look at how infrastructure equity works and where we see the best opportunities.


Are companies doing enough to curtail the plastic pandemic? - 07/07/2020

With signs Covid-19 has led to a pandemic of single-use plastic, Schroders' Head of Engagement Elly Irving considers what it will take to turn the tide and whether companies are doing enough.


Quarterly markets review - Q2 2020 - 06/07/2020

A look back at markets in Q2 when shares rebounded as economies started to re-open, while governments and central banks continued to provide support.


What are the long-term prospects for healthcare investing post Covid-19? - 03/07/2020

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on healthcare but what happens when a vaccine is found? We asked Schroders’ investment experts for their views on the sector’s long-term prospects.


Coronavirus highlights the importance of the employee-employer relationship - 03/07/2020

Companies do not operate in a vacuum and the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of how companies treat their employees.


Can international tourism ever recover? - 01/07/2020

We look at what might reignite demand for overseas travel and whether the downturn could profoundly change some countries' economies.


How Covid-19 will impact UK employment - 24/06/2020

The UK’s unemployment rate is likely to rise, despite government support measures, as weaker demand and social distancing means some businesses may not survive the crisis.


Moving from recession to recovery: how can investors position themselves? - 23/06/2020

The market looks overly optimistic on the shape of the economic recovery, but there are more prudent ways for investors to readjust their portfolios as we move out of recession.


"Vaccine will come, but not without huge challenges" – leading world epidemiologist - 23/06/2020

Professor Peter Piot, a legend in the field of virology and the fights against HIV and Ebola, is optimistic about a Covid vaccine. But he sees recurrent outbreaks as unavoidable.


How smart manufacturing could lead to an industrial renaissance - 22/06/2020

Innovation is going to transform manufacturing in the decades ahead. We look at what this means for investors.


Why the Covid-19 recovery and climate crisis need a unified response - 16/06/2020

The EU’s proposed Green Deal shows that the right policy initiatives could address the economic crisis and climate change simultaneously.


Are European banks looking more attractive as lockdowns ease? - 15/06/2020

Banks performed well in the recent market rebound but some are better placed than others to weather the tough economic times ahead.


Why we think the recovery will be U-shaped - 15/06/2020

We've gone from predicting a V-shaped recovery to a U-shape, given the difficulties of lifting lockdown.


April GDP slump should mark bottom of UK recession - 12/06/2020

UK economic activity fell by a record 20% in April as the lockdown took its toll.


Johanna Kyrklund: Is retail investor surge cause for caution? - 12/06/2020

With a combination of resurgent markets, seemingly ebullient retail investors and a bleak economic outlook, it may be prudent to tread carefully.


How important is international tourism to the global economy? - 10/06/2020

Invesco looks at which countries' economies would be worst hit by a collapse in international tourism.


The dos and don’ts of investing in a crisis - 09/06/2020

Do expect false dawns, don’t lose sight of your investment objectives and avoid some common thinking errors; three tips to help you navigate this crisis.


COVID-19 Adviser Survey – the three key takeaways - 08/06/2020

What’s the point of a survey? Do the findings pass the ‘so what’ test, providing insight that is genuinely newsworthy? Or do they simply reconfirm widely held views?


What will the world look like after Covid-19? - 05/06/2020

Five Schroders fund managers reveal the main ways they expect Covid-19 to change the way we live and work.


Can stimulus revive China’s growth story? - 04/06/2020

Policy measures announced recently should support Chinese growth, with positive spillover effects for the rest of the world.


Monthly markets review - May 2020 - 04/06/2020

A review of markets in May when shares were supported by an increasing focus on how lockdowns would be lifted.


A new social contract - how are companies treating their employees as the Covid-19 crisis unfolds? - 03/06/2020

Companies’ treatment of their employees has been under intense scrutiny. This will intensify as lockdowns start to lift, and expectations of corporate behaviour are high.


How social inequalities have been brought into focus by Covid-19 and what it means for investors - 03/06/2020

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of the “S” of “ESG” (environmental, social and governance) in asset management, according to Anastasia Petraki, Schroders’ Head of Policy Research.


What can the Covid-19 crisis teach us about tackling climate change? - 01/06/2020

We already know how devastating climate change could be for the planet, so let’s ensure we learn the lessons from the current crisis.


Covid-19 poses temporary setback to the energy transition - 28/05/2020

The Covid-19 crisis and oil price plunge may slow consumer appetite for the energy transition but this effect will be short-lived.


Covid-19: the inescapable truths faced by investors - 19/05/2020

Investors will need to be more agile than ever as Covid-19 reinforces many of the trends driving the world economy prior to the outbreak.


Japan joins recession ranks - 18/05/2020

GDP for the first quarter shows Japan becoming the latest country to slip into recession, though we expect it to be less badly affected than other developed markets.


Slumping economy, surging stock market– what’s going on? - 15/05/2020

While tens of millions of Americans were losing their jobs, the stock market in April produced its best monthly return in over 30 years. We look at what’s behind this apparent disconnect.


China A-shares: the investment themes as the crisis fades - 13/05/2020

China A-shares fund manager Jack Lee looks at some of the main investment themes he’s focusing on, in a market that has been remarkably resilient this year.


Q&A: Will Covid-19 mark a permanent economic shift? - 13/05/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. We ask fund managers Alex Tedder and Robin Parbrook what it means.


Exiting lockdown: where’s ready, where’s not, and where risks a second wave? - 12/05/2020

Together with our Data Insights Unit, we’ve examined the state of global lockdown to find the countries where the biggest risks remain.


Why’s everyone talking about Italy (again)? - 11/05/2020

Italy went into this crisis in a more precarious situation than most. Here Senior European Economist and Strategist Azad Zangana explains why.


BoE holds steady but further easing looks likely - 07/05/2020

The Bank of England’s latest economic scenarios show the scale of uncertainty. One positive is that the UK banking system is in a good position to cope.


Are investors ignoring the outlook for earnings in Europe? - 07/05/2020

Although stimulus measures will help the economic recovery, equity markets seem to be ignoring the full impact of the pandemic on companies’ balance sheets.


Is now the time to own gold? - 06/05/2020

We look at whether gold's strong recent performance can continue, given the macroeconomic backdrop the Covid-19 crisis has created.


Are we heading back towards single-use plastic because of coronavirus? How businesses need to renew their vows - 05/05/2020

The sustainable investment team has been researching the potential winners and losers from the war on plastic.


How have sustainable companies performed during the Covid-19 crisis? - 04/05/2020

Rather than being a luxury or an optional extra, our analysis shows that a focus on sustainability would have helped relative performance during the recent market turbulence.


Economies in free fall as hopes fade for a V-shaped recovery - 23/04/2020

The latest readings on the economy have been shocking and the challenge of lifting lockdowns in the absence of a Covid-19 vaccine means a swift rebound in economic activity looks less likely.


Record-breaking crash, rapid rebound – is this a recovery or “dead cat bounce”? - 23/04/2020

Following a record-breaking stock market crash, there has been a 30% rebound. We examine a 135-year history of such rallies and ask if this one is a false dawn.


The data that shows a case for long-term investing - 22/04/2020

148 years of data show short-term punts on the stock market are very risky. Long term investments, not so much.


Johanna Kyrklund: It pays to be patient - 21/04/2020

In our investments, as in our domestic lives, it’s time to be patient before significantly increasing the risks we take.


Will Covid-19 prove a pivotal moment for climate change? Our Climate Progress Dashboard is tracking the global impact - 21/04/2020

Policymakers should use the current crisis to inject similar urgency into climate policy and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.


How has coronavirus impacted the energy transition? - 20/04/2020

The spread of Covid-19 is affecting all walks of life and the energy transition sector is no exception, but we believe the long-term opportunity remains intact.


A new economic era beckons after this crisis. - 15/04/2020

Current events likely mark a turning point in economic policy and the end of a 40-year spell of free market capitalism.


Downturns this deep can take a long time to recover from, financially and mentally. - 14/04/2020

Should you stick, sell or buy after a crash? Duncan Lamont, Schroders’ Head of Research and Analytics, looks to 148 years of stock market history for potential answers.


Which stock markets sold off the most over Q1 2020 and how do valuations look? - 09/04/2020

We compare how the various regions have performed following an incredibly challenging start to 2020.


How has the COVID-19 crisis affected our favoured investment themes? - 09/04/2020

We have identified eight themes that we think could transform the world, but how are these being affected by the coronavirus crisis?


What does COVID-19 mean for India? - 08/04/2020

The Indian stock market has slumped and coronavirus cases are picking up. As the government starts to act, we look at the implications of the crisis for India’s economy and markets.


Six tips for better behavioural investing - 07/04/2020

As part of a recent investor podcast, Nick Kirrage, Co-Head Fund Manager of the Value Team chatted about investor behaviour during times of crises. Here are six key takeaways from that podcast interview.


What is "helicopter money" and is it a good idea? - 07/04/2020

With debate increasing over whether “helicopter money” could help tackle the global economic crisis, Schroders’ chief economist Keith Wade provides his views about the tactics of governments.


Quarterly market review Q1 2020 - 06/04/2020

A look back at markets in Q1 2020 when the spread of coronavirus across the world saw stock markets fall sharply.


Coronavirus and the economy. A Q&A with Keith Wade - 03/04/2020

In a recent podcast, Schroders' Chief Economist & Strategist Keith Wade answered some of key questions about coronavirus and its economic impact.


US job slumps is just the tip of the iceberg - 03/04/2020

Policymakers may have to return with more stimulus as the economic crisis continues to unfold.


How stock markets perform after heavy falls - 10/03/2020

Policymakers may have to return with more stimulus as the economic crisis continues to unfold.



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