Sustainability updates to Ninety One Global Environment Fund

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Sustainability updates to Ninety One Global Environment Fund

Ninety One Luxembourg S.A (the “Company”) has notified us of changes to its Ninety One Global Environment Fund. These changes will come into effect on 31 May 2024.



The Company is making updates to the sustainability disclosures of the Ninety One Global Environment Fund (the “Fund”). The Fund has an environmental objective to make sustainable investments that aim to contribute to a positive environmental change through sustainable decarbonisation and seeks to attain its environmental objective by firstly targeting companies which typically have a majority of their revenue derived from areas contributing to environmental change and that have products and services which genuinely avoid carbon.  These exclusions prohibit or limit investment by the Fund in the excluded sectors.


After undertaking a review of the Fund's exclusions, the Company has decided to make some changes to its sustainability disclosures. These changes can be viewed in the Ninety One Luxembourg Notification Opposite.


ISINFund Name
LU1939256001Ninety One GSF Global Environment A Acc EUR
LU1939255532Ninety One GSF Global Environment A Acc USD




Oracle, Quantum and Regular Savings Plan (Including Malaysia variants), Kudos, Paragon. 


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