RL360's Pipeliene system

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This is where you can track the progress of recently submitted applications and find out if you need to submit any additional information.


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Keeping track of your applications

One of the things you'll want to track on a regular basis is your ongoing applications. From our Online Service Centre dashboard you are able to access the pipeline function, and this will show you exactly which applications you currently have ongoing and any outstanding requirements associated with them. 


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We'll keep you informed on a range of outstanding requirements including such things as: 


  • Missing source of wealth details
  • No evidence for confirmation of residential address
  • Lack of certified copy documentation
  • Failure to include RL360 adviser number


Our pipeline report updates every night (UK time) during our batch system processes. 


With our online applications coming soon, we'll be making changes to the way we report pipeline business, with the expectation that the amount of outstanding requirements will reduce significantly.