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RL360 Multi-Asset Portfolios - Introduction


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The MAP Funds are available to the following products:

  • Protected Lifestyle (including Protected Savings and Protected Retirement)
  • Safe Combination Bond (GBP)
  • International Safe Combination Bond (GBP and USD)
  • Secure Investment Portfolio (GBP)
  • International Secure Investment Portfolio
  • With Bonus Bond

The Multi-Asset Portfolios are a series of internal insurance, fund of funds. This might sound like a lot of jargon, but all we are saying is that the portfolios invest in a range of funds, rather than directly in equities, bonds or other securities.

You have 16 to choose from, 8 of them are in GBP and 8 in USD. Each one has a blend of equity, fixed income and cash funds in differing percentages. Series 1 has the greatest allocation to cash, and series 4 the least, but in all cases the MAP funds aim to marry steady growth with limited volatility. Importantly, unlike the protected funds which these replace, there is no capital protection, that’s why we have the different series for you to match against your clients attitude to risk and return.

The MAP funds are subject to ongoing charges which we limit to 1.25% per year, meaning that where the underlying funds have a charge of 0.75% our charge is no more than 0.50%. We don’t apply any bid/offer spreads (or charges) when you switch into or out of a MAP fund.


All portfolios are daily priced and traded, unlike the protected funds offered previously, meaning your client doesn’t have to wait for the quarterly dealing date before being able to make a change.


You can read more about them in the Multi-Asset Portfolios (MAP) Fund Guide.