RL360 Offshore SPILA funds: Introduction

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SPILA funds - Introduction


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The Scottish Provident International Life Assurance (SPILA) Funds are a range of internal insurance funds available to SPILA policyholders who took out a policy with the company between 1991 and 2004. The products, whose investment choices were limited to the SPILA internal fund range, are no longer open to new business and include the following: 


  • Capital Investment Portfolio
  • Eclipse
  • International Investment Portfolio
  • International Investors Choice
  • International Savings Account
  • Momentum
  • Momentum Botswana
  • Momentum OFS
  • Quantum (pre 2004)
  • Quantum Franco
  • Quantum OFS
  • Stratum
  • Technology Bond
  • Veritas CIP
  • Veritas Savings Account
  • Bonus Growth Portfolio Bond


The following policy types could also access the range along with other fund choices: 


  • Choice
  • Managed Investment Portfolio
  • Select


With effect from June 2017 our internal insurance funds are no longer available to personalised portfolio bonds such as Choice, Select and the open-architecture version of Managed Investment Portfolio. Policyholders already holding an insurance fund can remain invested but cannot switch into another insurance fund or apply a top-up to an existing holding. Existing investors can access fund information such as performance and factsheets via our Fund Centre page.