Travel bans and submitting business/client servicing - RL360

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Travel bans and submitting business/client servicing - RL360

RL360 now accepts electronic signatures for all instructions, except for the surrender, withdrawal and claims process, provided they have been created through DocuSign or Adobe Sign. This also includes dealing and switching instructions.

This should be of particular benefit during the current disruptions to normal business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


How can I get started?

You will need to set up your own account with either DocuSign or Adobe Sign. You’ll then be able to load our forms into those systems before sending to your client for checking and signing. 


You can find our editable PDFs in the product downloads area.


How do DocuSign and Adobe Sign work?


Adobe Sign:


The benefits of using electronic signatures

It saves your time and money – you’ll be able to send paperwork to clients via email, rather than having to travel to obtain a wet signature. 


Processing times should reduce. Where instructions will be provided electronically, they will be much clearer and easier to process. 


Clients will be able to sign their documents on their PC or mobile device, making it more convenient for them to complete transactions. 


It is obviously more environmentally friendly and, in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it means less business will have to be conducted face to face.


What do we require?

In order to accept electronically signed instructions we require the following to be submitted along with the instruction:


For Docusign


For Adobe Sign

  • Any instruction submitted to us must be accompanied by the Final Audit Report (example).
  • You must select the option to include the Transaction ID when producing the PDF for signature, this will stamp a box on the PDF with the transaction ID which allows us to tie back the document received to the final audit report.


After the new business stage, all instructions electronically signed by the client must match the email address we hold on file for them (we verify this using the certificate of completion/final audit report). If the email address differs, we will be unable to accept the instruction and will request a wet signature instruction to be submitted. 


If the client would like to update their email address we cannot accept this using an electronic signature. A wet signature instruction must be submitted or the client can call through to our Contact Centre to update this as per our normal process.